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Mr. and Mrs. Lorenz tied the knot at the Mlwaukee County Courthouse on June 8, 2018. They had a symbolic wedding in Jamaica on June 12, 2018 surrounded by their closest friends and family. We had a downtown Milwaukee, lake front bridal session with her son. It was a perfect day, followed by a nice romantic, steak dinner, cooked by Matt in the comfort of their own home while preparing for Jamaica on Sunday! Their Jamaican Wedding was on Tuesday where they said, I Do again, on the ocean shore. 

Congratulations Kelly + Matt! Wishing you a lifetime of happiness and love. Check out their beautiful downtown Milwaukee Bridal Session. We started at the Milwaukee Art Museum and walked our way to Discovery World and Harbor House followed by the pristine beaches of Lake Michigan. 


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Wisconsin Wedding Photographer | Milwaukee Anniversary | Avelyn + Kevin Milwaukee Anniversary Session | Lake Michigan | Avelyn + Kevin | June 2018

That first day of high school as a freshman can be so overwhelming! Not only is it a new school full of new faces, the halls are filled with chaos and you have no idea where you're going! Getting lost and remembering where your locker is located, are the typical first day feels. That was me, almost fourteen year's ago! Yes. I said it- fourteen years ago! I was that new girl freshman year at Brookfield East High School. I came from a catholic school where I had the same 20+ kids in my class all 10 year's of school. So being thrown in a public high school with a ton of kids, yeah, I was scared to death! I didn't know anyone besides the girls from my JR Spartans Basketball team from the previous year. 

So my first day was a blur! And then I met Avelyn in choir class. The rest was history. We became BEST FRIENDS and have been all these years. High school is hard, kids are mean, and friends come and go.  I was lucky enough to have her stay in my life all these years. She was a TRUE friend. Someone who was by my side during very difficult times, especially during all the drama in high school. And then I became pregnant after high school graduation. All my "friends" went their separate ways and to college, and I literally haven't heard from them since. But I heard from Avelyn! She was there for me through it all. She even was there hours after I had my twin babies the year after high school. She was always coming over to hang out and help me with those babies. She was my angel! 

Life went on, and we continued to keep in touch. Even though we didn't see in each other all the time, we made time for our birthdays and a few dinner dates a couple times throughout the year. My family loved her and her family loved me! We grew up as teenagers together, at her house or at mine. She was the only friend I had stand up in my wedding, the rest of my bridesmaids were family members. She was there for all 3 of my pregnancies, baby showers and special events. We enjoyed getting our nails done, Chinese and Mexican food, Mariah Carey, shopping, all things Clinique, designer hand bags and cute clothes. We were girly girls and loved using our dad's credit cards for shopping!!! LOL Some days it felt like we lived at the mall. She experienced my first heart ache and loss with me and also stood by happy and joyful times in my life.

Fast forward, many, many years. She met this guy Kevin, at MATC. They were a match made in heaven. It was love at first sight and Kevin had to have this beautiful girl, Avelyn. They have been together even since. They got married and bought a house last June. Kevin protects and serves our community as a Police Officer. I'm happy my best friend found her soulmate. 

I was lucky enough to photograph photos of them a few years back as a couple. And now, I was able to document their ONE YEAR WEDDING ANNIVERSARY!! Woohoo! Cheers to you, and many more to come.

Love you, Avelyn. Thank you for being you. 

PS- How gorgeous is she? And of course, so is Kevin! They look so good together!! 

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Wisconsin Wedding Photographer | Kera + Robbie | Waukesha Engagement | The Rotunda Robbie and Kera's Downtown Waukesha Engagement | The Rotunda + Frame Park | June 2018

Their Love Story Told by Robbie:

Kera and I met through Bumble, which is a dating app (where after a match is made) the woman has to send a message within 24 hours, or the match dissolves. Needless to say, Kera reached out and we hit it off very quickly. We found love over coffee dates, movies, puzzles, and a bunch of other fun activities all over Madison.

Looking to ask the big question, I crafted a plan to propose to Kera by the end of last year. One of our morning traditions is doing the crossword puzzle in Madison’s weekly Isthmus newspaper. I reached out to them about putting my proposal in their crossword and they kindly (and thankfully) obliged. The crossword clue was 14-across: “That big questions Robbie’s been meaning to ask Kera.” While it took her five minutes to find the clue, she finally brought her eyes to it and I could finally exhale. I popped that big question, and she brought me the answer I had been waiting for since I met her. I’m also ecstatic to have been able to capture the moment on camera ( I can’t wait to share this engagement moment, our wedding moment, and all the other ones ahead of us.

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Wisconsin Newborn Photographer | Waukesha Lifestyle Photography | The Wells Family | Wisconsin Lifestyle Photographer | The Wells Family | May 2018

I had the absolute pleasure of photographing this beautiful little family last week. I was lucky enough to photograph Kristin and Mike's engagement session last summer. They reached out to me again after they found out some exciting news! It's always an amazing feeling when clients return for more photos! A little blessing was on it's way- a baby girl to welcome in May!!

Let me tell you how excited I was not only to photograph their newborn, because I LOVE newborns but also, Mike and Kristin had some newborn ideas and props of their own!! Mike is a Sheriff in our community! He wanted to wear his uniform and use his uniform for some of the newborn props. Not to mention, they just moved in their new home a couple weeks prior to Kristin having the baby. The nursery looked amazing and they did a great job nesting and getting everything perfectly ready for baby Avery. Her nursery was one of the most beautiful little girl nursery's I've ever seen! I wish I had a girls!!!

 A new baby is like the beginning of all things – wonder, hope, a dream of possibilities! Congratulations Kristin and Mike on your sweet baby girl! Wishing you the best on this new adventure to parenthood!




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Wisconsin Maternity Photographer | Carly + Andy | Frame Park, Waukesha Carly + Andy | Spring Maternity Photography | Waukesha, Wisconsin

It's always fun to reconnect with old friends. I met Carly back in K4 at St. Luke's School. I've known this girl now for over 24 years!! After 10 years of school together, we went to different high schools!  She went to Brookfield Central and I went to Brookfield East, high school rivals! Thankfully for social media, we stayed in touch and kept up with each other's lives. While attending college, she met Andy.  After a few years of dating, he realized he wanted to spend the rest of his life with Carly. He had this beautiful plan to propose at the Garden's in Frame Park in August 2015. She said Yes and the two married the following summer! Fast forward a couple years, I finally reunited with this glowing Momma-To-Be for her Maternity Photo's at Frame Park, in the same area where Andy proposed. It was a beautiful evening and I enjoyed hearing all about their love story and exciting time awaiting the arrival of their first baby. It's a Girl! Taggy, their furbaby also took part on documenting Carly's 36 week of pregnancy!!! 









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Lake Country Wedding Photographer | Delafield, Wisconsin | Nate + Laura | Nate + Laura / Lake Country Engagement / Wisconsin Wedding Photographer/ May 2018

Laura and Nate attended high school together and officially met at a mutual friends house. It wasn't love at first sight, however, a few days later sparks started to fly and Laura felt some flutters when she was around him. They shared their first kiss at a park and that's when she said he stole her heart. Like many couples in love, they had ups and downs. After a falling out in their relationship, they took time apart. Some time went by and they started hanging out again with feelings returning strong. On the Fourth of July in 2008- Nate and Laura started dating and made things official. Laura was off to college in the fall where the couple survived a long distance relationship for a couple of years. During her Junior Year in College, she found out some exciting and thrilling news! They were expecting a little boy! Even though it wasn't the best timing, they knew they could conquer anything. Their little family was in the works and soon little Luke was born! Fast forward 9 years, Nate finally proposed on Laura's 27th birthday. Nate walked in the kitchen and handed her a box with a beautiful diamond ring and got down on his knee and asked Laura to his wife. She started crying with tears of happiness and said, "YES! ABOUT DAMN TIME!" :) Congratulations Nate and Laura! I'm so excited to document your love story this September on the Lake! May your love conquer all.

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Melanie + Ben / Whimsical Woodland Engagement / Waukesha, Wisconsin Melanie + Ben / Wisconsin Engagement / Waukesha / January 2018

I had the pleasure of meeting this sweet, beautiful couple and couldn't stop admiring the way they looked at each other. The pure bliss of being in love and showing their happiness off to the world had my heart smiling and head spinning. I loved being able to document and show off their love story through fun, authentic photographs. You know the love is real and laughs are genuine. I'm so glad they found each other. Congratulations Melanie + Ben. May you live the rest of your lives as happy as the day I met you. 

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Twins at 18. Four Kids by 27. My Journey to Motherhood. My motherhood journey started a little bit sooner in life, which just means I get to love my babies a little bit longer. I remember taking that pregnancy test the summer after high school graduation and was shocked to see the two blue lines glaring back at me. Being 18 and suppose to start college in the fall, I was scared and tried to hide my pregnancy for as long as I could. I didn't understand why I was showing and so big at only a couple of months pregnant. By the time I went in and saw my OB, I was already 14 weeks pregnant. She commented that I looked 6 months pregnant as she was getting ready to do an ultrasound. Moments later in disbelief, she had told us life changing news- I was pregnant with TWINS and they were BOYS!! As you could imagine, the struggles of being a young, pregnant mom were difficult, but then on top of that, I was having TWO babies. I question why God wanted this for me, but later on, I was so thankful he did. He blessed me with two little peanuts that were born a month before their due date, on January 11, 2009. Landon Charles (named after my step dad) weighed 5lbs 4oz & Lucas James (named after my dad) weighed 4lbs 13oz. They were perfect and healthy. We came a few days later, on a freezing below zero, winter Thursday in January. My mom took the the rest of the week off. I remember Monday morning, she kissed the 3 of us goodbye and went off to work. I was so mad she was leaving me and wondered how the hell I was going to take care of two babies but I'm grateful she did, after all, those were my babies and I was their mom and I had to figure it out.

Fast forward a few years, I had this whole mom life down to the T. I loved being a mom! The twins were my life line. They were my reason to keep pushing harder so I could give them a life that I could only dream of.  I was a nursing student at the time, also working full time and living on my own. I found out I was pregnant again at 21 years old. This time, I was so excited and ready to share my exciting news with the world. I didn't get the positive reaction that I was hoping for. The biggest statement and concern was, "How are you going to take care of 3 babies?" or "Your so young! You'll never get a good career and finish school!" and my all time favorite- "You'll be on state assistance for the rest of your life." Yes, those words were hurtful and got to me, but they also gave me another reason to prove them all wrong. They were wrong! I continued taking my nursing courses during my pregnancy while happily and lovingly raising my 3 year old twin boys. On November 5, 2012- I was blessed again, with an adorable, healthy little bundle of joy- Levi Owen. My little chunk was 7lbs 10oz and so perfect. I fell in love all over again and this time was so confident with the newborn stage. I LOVED EVERY MINUTE. Landon and Lucas loved him so much. They were a few months shy of turning 4, and such great helpers. I thought my little family was complete. 

During our first Christmas together as a family of 5, Jake proposed and we made things official and married 4 months later, on April 20th. Together, we faced so many struggles and challenges while raising our boys at a young age. Bills and babies, working and school, ups and downs, highs and lows, we went through it all. We were very lucky to have amazing parents by our side who loved us and those babies like their own. We would NOT be where we are today if it wasn't for all the love and support from our families. 

I was working 3rd shift, Jake was working 1st shift, so we didn't have to send our kids to daycare, mainly because we couldn't afford it! I found a passion in photography while being a mom. I enjoyed the days at the park or on family adventures with my boys. I wanted to document all the fun we had together for them to always remember all the fun we had while growing up. Plus, they were so damn cute and I loved showing them off through photographs. I borrowed my Father In Laws DSLR camera and started taking pictures of my family and friends and one day, I decided to start a photography business on the side to earn some extra cash. Who knew it would turn out to be a full time, successful gig! 

We grew up and so did our kids. All of a sudden, our twins weren't babies and toddlers anymore. They were in 2nd grade, and 8 years old. Levi was 4 and finishing up his last year of preschool. Our rocky roads were coming to an end and all our hard work was paying off. We became homeowners and purchased our first home ONE YEAR AGO this month. We happen to be celebrating our Wedding Anniversary+ 1 Year of Home ownership on the same date, April 20th. I always teased Jake and said, I want a key to our new house for Christmas or my Birthday! Well, he sure gave me the best present a husband could give- besides our children! KEYS TO OUR OWN HOME!! Once again, we couldn't have done it without Jake's parents. (Thank you Mary & Mike for all the work spent looking for houses, touring houses, dealing with the bank and paperwork and all the not so fun stuff dealing with preparing for a home! We are so lucky we had you be at our side during this process and exciting time in our lives!) 

A few months into being happily new homeowners, we faced another challenge and lost a family member. Jake's dad passed away after fighting years of heart and kidney failure. He was only 59. That summer was a very hard and difficult time for our family. I was in my 2nd year of full time Weddings and so proud of my blooming business. My husband lost his job as a Welder after his dad passed. He was taking his death very hard as can be expected. I had to hold down the fort and support my family and all of sudden, SURPRISE- I'm pregnant. WHAAAAAT. How did this happen? Once again, at the worst timing possible, God gave me another little blessing in disguise which I couldn't understand why. We were happy with our little family of 5. We were done having babies. But God had a different plan for us. In our heartache and loss, he blessed us with a new baby Lane after losing our beloved Mike Lane. One month after he passed, I found out I was pregnant. It was a hot summer day in July. The kids were running around in our backyard, laughing and having fun, and I was sitting in the bathroom just sobbing. 

Once again, I was NOT ready and scared to share my news. I felt like I was 18 years old again. I was scared to tell my parents! Even though this time around, I was in a good place, had a successful business, new house, married, and happy. To my surprise, they were happy for us. We then realized, this baby was sent down from heaven from Lano, and guess what- IT WAS ANOTHER BOY!! Jake was so happy and thanks his dad for sending us down another boy, and a future hockey player and now our hockey roster is full and our team is filled. 

I had an uneventful pregnancy, besides being emotional, hungry, tired and hormonal. I was stressed out, supporting my family, shooting Weddings every weekend and still being a full time Mom, Wife and Business Woman. I was counting down the weeks and days until my baby would arrive. Down to the last month or so of my pregnancy, I was dealing with high blood pressure and possible pre-eclampsia. Each weekly appointment, my blood pressure was higher than the previous appointment. Baby was fine, but I was not. My OB decided to schedule my c section 3 weeks early from my due date. That Sunday, on March 11, 2018- I was full of excitement and anxiety! I couldn't wait to hold and welcome my last baby. I decided to get my tubes tied, I knew 4 was ENOUGH! I couldn't possibly imagine having 5 little kids running around, not to mention, my house and wallet wouldn't be big enough! My surgery went great, but little Louie was not ready to leave my cozy little womb. Being 3 weeks early, he had some minor complications which sent him to the NICU for 48 hours. It was scary! I prayed and prayed for a healthy little baby and God did answer my prayers. Little Louie came out of the NICU and joined me in my hospital room for my last full day and night. The next day we were both discharged and coulnd't wait to start our life at home as a family of 6!

A whole month has passed. Maternity leave has treated me well and so has my Husband. He has been by our side night and day. He loves being a stay at home dad. He cooks, cleans, does the laundry and grocery shops! He also gets up in the middle of the night to help me with feedings. Maybe he's making up for lost time from the previous newborn days of NOT doing any of those duties, haha. But truth be told, I'm so proud of him. 

My 2018 Wedding season starts in June and I'm back to work as of May 1! I'm booked up with family, engagement sessions and Weddings Friday-Sunday from May through November. I can't express how thankful and lucky I am to do something I'm so passionate about. I love my job and I think that's the most important part of work, is to love what you do. I'm proud I'm the one who gets to support the family I created. I'm proud to live in a beautiful house in a great neighborhood, and to send my children to a great school in a great area. I'm proud to be a MOM to FOUR BOYS at the young age of 27. Even though I secretly dreamed of being a stay at home mom, drinking wine (I mean coffee) while I cooked and cleaned all day while watching my boys grow up. The roles are reversed in our household and I love it. Cheers to the Dads out there who stay at home with the kids and bigger Cheers to the Mommas out there who work their butts off to support their families. 

So yes, I may be a young Mom, with four boys, but I'm lucky. I'm four times luckier than so many will ever be.

Welcome to the World, Louie Michael.

(Knowing this was my last pregnancy and newborn, I made sure to document every moment I could!)

(16 weeks) Family Maternity Photography by Keith Berend / October 2017

(Our last Christmas as a Family of 5!)

(32 Weeks; Baby Moon in Vegas ; Maternity Photography  by Cassidy Captures)

Louie Michael Lane arrived March 11, 2018 @ 1:43pm, weighing 7lbs 7oz and 18 inches long. (3 weeks early)

(The big brother's with Louie - 3 weeks)

A NHL Penguin Photo Shoot for Grandpa Lano in heaven. May the Penguins win the Stanley Cup for the 3rd year in a row! Grandpa Lano's favorite hockey team. My sister in law made that beautiful wood sign with the white hockey goalie (his business Logo) for my Husband after his passing. I wanted to incorporate all Lano's favorites into this photoshoot for him. He would be so in love with his new baby grandson. I know he is looking down on us from heaven, so proud.

RIP Mike Lane 


Louie is already one month old. I can't wait to create this set up each and every month for his first year. 


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Shannon + Aaron / Wisconsin Wedding / The Golden Mast, Okauchee Lake / November 3, 2017 Shannon + Aaron / Okauchee Weddings / The Golden Mast / November 3, 2017

The First Look



Ceremony + Reception: The Golden Mast, Okauchee Lake

Hair + Make Up: Aqua Hair Studio, Pewaukee 

Wedding Dress / Bridesmaids Dresses: David's Bridal, Brookfield

Cake: Aggie's Bakery & Cake Shoppe, West Allis

Flower's: Reflections of You by Rachel Block

Chair Rental: All Star Rentals

Linens: Cover it with Class

DJ: Kevin Kennedy

Catering: The Golden Mast

Photography: Memory Lane Photography by Jessica Lane, assisted by Veronica Chavez



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Latrisse + Tim / Milwaukee Weddings / Wisconsin Wedding Photographer Latrisse + Tim

Saturday, October 28, 2017 // St. Sebastian's Church & The Schwabenhof 

Mr. & Mrs. Schneider / October 28, 2017

"And I never knew what my life was for, but now that you're here, I know for sure. I never knew til I looked in your eyes. I was incomplete til the day you walked into my life. And I never knew that my heart could feel so precious and pure."


Church: St. Sebastian's in Milwaukee

Venue: Schwabenhof 

Bride's Dress + Bridesmaid's Dresses: Davids Bridal

Men's Suits: Mens Wear House

Hair: Trivice Weary

Make Up: Angelica Huyke

DJ: DJ Sam

Photography: Memory Lane Photography by Jessica Lane, assisted by Veronica Chavez



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Wisconsin Family Photographer / Winter Family Portraits / Waukesha, WI Winter Family Sessions / Waukesha Family Photographer / Nov 2017




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Keith + Amanda / Rustic Manor Wedding / Wisconsin Wedding Photographer Keith + Amanda / Rustic Manor Weddings / Hartland, Wisconsin

Beautiful Words from the Bride: 

"Keith and I met at Ewald Ford in Hartford - I was working as a receptionist at the time and while he was/is a mechanic. What first sparked a conversation between us was when I dropped a dealer plate between the desk and wall and needed saving lol Keith so happened to walk by and I got his attention and he was able to help me. That then lead to over an hour of talking and an interest when I found out he had a mustang. Keith would keep coming to the window asking if I wanted a ride and I was playing hard to get and kept saying no. Finally he said that it was going to be the last weekend out before it was going into storage and I finally said yes. Let me tell you it was the MOST awkward experience of my life sitting in the car with him just driving 😂 but that was the kick off to our relationship - we became inseparable even though my dad wasn't totally on board because of the age difference. Fast forward to 2 1/2 years later Keith told me another couple wanted to go to Chicago to spend the day and take pictures. The other girl we went there with  did Photography so we were basically doing couples photos for each other. As the day went on we ended up right in front of Chicagos Planetarium and behind us up the hill a little a wedding was about to start - at that point I was so OVER getting my picture taken my hair was frizzy I felt sticky and gross (it was the middle of July) and Keith said one more picture and I said NO he fought with me for a little on this and I said fine. He told our friend exactly where she needed to stand and just like that the song Over The Rainbow started to play from the wedding beginning to start behind us and he got down on one knee and I said yes!

Congratulations Keith & Amanda! These two said Yes on Saturday, October 21, 2017 at St. Gabriel's Church in Hubertus, WI followed by the Reception at the gorgeous, Rustic Manor 1848 in Hartland, Wisconsin. 

Vendors from Keith+ Amanda's 10/21/17 Wedding

*Photographers: Jessica Lane, Memory Lane Photography assisted by Justin Swets, In Flawless Focus.

*Church: St. Gabriel's of Hubertus, Wisconsin

*Venue: Rustic Manor 1848 

*Florals: Locker's in Milwaukee, WIsconsin

*Bride's Dress: Stone Manor Bridal

*Bridesmaid Dresses: Stone Manor

*Groom / Groomsmen Suits: Saegers

*DJ: Sound by Design

*Wedding Rings: Kesslers

*Cake: Family Friend

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Wisconsin Family Photographer / Fall Portraits / Racine, WI The Cornett Family / Racine, WI / Wisconsin Family Photographer / October 2017

The Cornett's Winter Session / Feb 2017

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Carissa + George / Waukesha Engagement / October 2017 Carissa, George and Tully

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Wisconsin Family Photographer / Lake Sunset, Delafield / October 2017 The Balkunas Family / Delafield, WI



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Keith + Amanda / Rustic Manor Engagement / Wisconsin Wedding Photographer The connections I've made in the wedding industry have been a learning experience and a blessing. In 2015, I was given the opportunity to be an assistant to a big wig Wedding Photographer. From July 2015- April 2016, I photographed 15 weddings with him. He taught me all the knowledge I still use today from my camera, lens choices, editing, shooting style and  how to interact with the bride and groom.  In the process, he introduced to me other local photographers and videographers. During that summer, I met another big wig Photographer and assisted him with a wedding where I met Keith Berend! It wasn't my first rodeo, but it sure was his. I enjoyed his desire to learn. He was so creative from the start! From that summer night, we became friends instantly and since then, have photographed 2 years of weddings together. 2016 was my first wedding season SOLO. I shot 16 weddings and had Keith or Veronica by my side, sometimes even both. I wouldn't be where I am today with out all the guidance and support from my peers. Keith was one of them. I couldn't have survived my first wedding season without him. I was then blown away when he asked me to be HIS Wedding Photographer. And here we are.... 7 days from Keith and Amanda's Wedding at Rustic Manor. I became so close with Amanda too over the last few years. I can't wait to see her become Mrs. Berend. She will make one stunning bride. Congratulations Keith and Amanda. May your love be ever lasting. Hurry up and start a family so I can photograph all the new milestones to your love story. Thank you for all your help over the years.

Keith + Amanda's Rustic Manor Engagement

Keith + Amanda's Winter Engagement Session / January 2017

Keith + Amanda's Summer Engagement Session / August 2016

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The Lane Family - 2017 A Year in Review; The Lane Family / 2017

2017 has brought our family a roller coaster of emotions! I was so excited to check a huge dream off my bucket list when I booked an anniversary get away for me and the Hubby! My husband and I celebrated a decade of love and happiness in Denver, Colorado this past February. Our trip to Denver was our first ever vacation, kid-free, I must add, besides our "Honeymoon from Hell". We enjoyed 5 days in the city, surrounded by mountains, site seeing, amazing meals and sleep, what every parent dreams of! After our trip, we put an offer down on a beautiful home in Delafield. We closed on our dream home and moved in on our anniversary date. My husband gave me the keys to our own home! That was the best gift he's ever given me, besides our 3 beautiful boys, and one of the way! A few months after being on cloud 9 from all the excitement of our vacation, the new house and a booming business, my Father In Law passed away in June. Our family suffered so much pain and heartache, as we said our goodbyes to our beloved Lano. The hardest part about loss and grieving, is seeing the people you love in so much pain. I found myself numb and unsure how to make the pain go away. I felt so sad for my Husband, to be only 27 and to lose his Dad. I felt so bad for my sons, who lost their grandpa at such a young age. Lano was so inspiring, loving and a proud hockey grandpa. He lived and breathed hockey! He was my hubby's coach since Waukesha Warhawk Mini Mite Days dating back to 1994! Lano always cheered on his son and grandsons. My twin boys, Landon and Lucas, age 8 and future NHL stars, had hockey blood in them since they were babies! One of my favorite pictures of the twins, is them barely standing and having a hockey stick in their hands. Last year, they started hockey for Waukesha Warhawks, just like their dad! Grandpa Lano and Grandma Lano were always in the stands, cheering on their little hockey players. A few weeks after Lano passed, we found out that I was pregnant! Sure, I love babies, and always dreamed of a large family, but my husband and I had different dreams and ideas when it came to adding more hockey players to our team. We suffered so much pain and heartache and suddenly, a gift from God appeared following Lano's death. I believed God gave us this blessing for a reason, and it was Lano sending down another Lane from heaven. Last week, we found out our new bundle of joy would be a BOY, arriving the end of March, which is Lano's birth month. All these little ties and connections to Lano, we are at peace knowing he sent us this blessing and that he is with us. 

As a photographer, I love sharing other's milestones and love stories. Today, I wanted to share mine. A special thanks to Stevie Ferreira Photography located in Denver, CO for capturing our Decade of Love. And to GTB Imagery for capturing our new home photoshoot in May and lastly, to Keith Berend for helping us announce our last baby!

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Rest In Peace Mike Lane. You will forever be missed. <3 1958-2017


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